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Author:  Cal [ Tue 31 May, 2005 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum Guidelines

Welcome to TowerWatch Ministries Outreach

Your Moderator is Cal Lehman and I was a Jehovah's Witness for 35 years. I accepted Christ Jesus as my savior in 1999 and am now a Spirit filled, Bible believing Christian. My goal is to provide a forum for former Jehovah’s Witnesses and others with a warm Christian-like atmosphere. This does not mean that one must be a Christian or hold to Christian beliefs to be a part of our forum, all are welcome but, please keep in mind this is neither a debate forum nor a preaching platform. We are here to encourage one another in Christian-like love not to debate or preach theology. If you want to debate or preach your theology you will find a number of forums on the Internet for that purpose, this however is not one of them.

On the other side of the coin please remember that the majority of the members here are Christian and we will of course speak often of the wonderful things Christ is doing in our lives.

We do not want to control the content of every post but in order for the forum to run smoothly there are a few simple guidelines we need to follow that amount to nothing more than common sense.

Please be kind and respectful to all members

Please no foul language or off-color stories

Please do not use this forum to preach your personal tenets, the tenets of your church or any form of debate

Please do not paste large sections of material found elsewhere on the Internet, just give us a link in your post

If you are a Jehovah's Witness or in agreement with the teachings of the Watchtower and you have come here to convince us the Watchtower is right, forget it and find another forum, you are wasting your time and ours

If we all follow these simple guidelines, we should have a forum where former Jehovah’s Witnesses can find warm, loving support.

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