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Pure Grace by Daniel LeEarl Hall

Christians have so many questions and concerns. We wonder:
1. How do I know if I am saved?
2. Can I lose my salvation? Are there any guarantees?
3. Am I doing enough for God?
4. Is God pleased with me?
5. How do I get right with God-?
6. What if I make a big mistake? What if I -backslide-?
7. Am I obedient enough for God to accept me?
8. Since I'm a Christian, why do I still sin?
9. If I don't tithe, am I under a curse?
10. What is the will of God for my life?
11. What is God's plan for me?
12. Why did Cod do things the way that He did?
13. What was the Adam & Eve thing really all about?
14. Why did they sin?
15. Could anyone else have done any better?
16. Should I be baptized again?
17. If I don't preach & some go to hell, is it my fault?
18. What about my parents. grandparents.& children?
19. If I don't understand the trinity am I doomed?
20. If I die now, where do I go?
21. When is the rapture? What will it be like?
22. If I forget to confess a sin, does God forgive me?
23. How can I get more faith?
24. What is meant by the terms justification, reconciliation, sanctification, and regeneration?
25. What is God going to do with the terrorists?
26. Do Christians go through the Great Tribulation?
27. When is the Great Tribulation going to start?
28. How do we reconcile pure grace with our sin?

These questions and many others are answered in the online book Pure Grace by Dan Hall. Read More

After I left the Organization, I joined a Bible study group made up of friends who had also been disfellowshipped. Within a period of two years about thirteen of us, all family and close friends, left the Organization. Because we went through everything together, we were able to encourage and support one another through the whole adjustment process. Most disfellowshipped Witnesses don't have that advantage. That can be very traumatic. It means so much to know that one is not alone, that Jehovah is still there, and that the Organization's estimate of who one is not the final word.

Read more in A Hand in The Darkness




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