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Bible Software


Bible Software

"MyBible" and other Bible Study Software for Handheld and Palmtop Computers

Laridian software gives you convenient access to Bibles and Bible-related reference material in a format customized for the unique features of Palm, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile-based Smartphone, iPod and BlackBerry devices.

Laridian Bible software includes the best-selling MyBible® for Palm OS. The award-winning PocketBible® for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC and Smartphone. iPocketBible™ for iPod. They also offer Noah Bible Study Viewer from BEIKS for BlackBerry.

Looking for the New International Version (NIV) Bible for your Palm?

Look no further! "MyBible" is the only Bible software product for Palm OS to offer the NIV.

"MyBible" is very fast, unbelievably convenient  and in my opinion the best Bible software for your Palm OS handheld computer on the market. I have "MyBible" installed on my Tungsten E and use it every day. By using an expansion card I have installed nine Bible translations including the complete NIV Study Bible with notes, two Bible Dictionaries, Mathew Henry's Concise Commentary and Life Application Bible Notes. All of this in the palm of my hand.

"MyBible" has footnotes, Jesus' words are in red, it allows you to highlight your favorite verses in six different colors and you can add your own notes to verses. The new "MyBible" 4 allows you to view three translations and/or commentaries at one time and all three change together as you change verses. "MyBible" 4 also has a very fast dictionary lookup feature, by highlighting the word and tapping on "lookup" it takes you to the definition of that word in the dictionary you have installed on you device. "MyBible" has both the NIV and NASB as well as many other translations such as the One Year Bible, all at very reasonable prices. Install "MyBible" on you're Palm Pilot and you will always have a Bible with you, because if your like me you never go anywhere without your Palm Pilot.

Cal Lehman TowerWatch Ministries

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Thank you and may God bless you.




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