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The Ever Changing Beliefs of The Watchtower

Over the years Jehovah's Witnesses have changed their beliefs many times, claming the light was getting brighter, to many it seemed to be a flashing light. Her are a few examples of the light getting brighter or continuously flashing, you be the judge. 

The Men of Sodom

1879 The men of Sodom will be resurrected

Watchtower July 1879 p 8
The Watchtower in July 1879 stated that the men of Sodom will be resurrected, (summary not a quote).

1952  The men of Sodom will not be resurrected

Watchtower 6/1/1952 p 338
Similarly, Sodom did not endure its judgment day, had failed completely, and the Jews knew its fate was sealed. Their opinion of Sodom was the lowest possible. So when Jesus told them that it would be more endurable for utterly depraved Sodom than for these Jewish cities they got the powerful point.
These Jewish cities had heard the warning and had seen powerful works; they had had their fair judgment trial and by their decision showed they were worthy of eternal destruction.

1965 The men of Sodom will be resurrected 

Watchtower 8/1/1965 p 479
Then the next verse refers to the Judgment Day, saying: “Consequently I say to you people, It will be more endurable for the land of Sodom on Judgment Day than for you.” (Matt. 11:24) Similarly, at Matthew 10:15 are recorded Jesus’ words: “Truly I say to you, It will be more endurable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah on Judgment Day than for that city” where the people would reject the message carried by Jesus’ disciples. For it to be “more endurable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah” than for others, it would be necessary for former inhabitants of that land to be present on Judgment Day. It is not the literal land, the ground, that is to be judged. Revelation chapter 20 shows that it will be persons raised from the dead who will stand “before the throne.” Nor will judgment be passed on them as groups, as former inhabitants of certain lands, but they will be “judged individually according to their deeds” during the time of judgment. So apparently individuals who used to live in that land will be resurrected.—Rev. 20:12, 13.

1988 The men of Sodom will not be resurrected

Watchtower 6/1/1988 p 31
Consequently, in addition to what Jude 7 says, the Bible uses Sodom/Gomorrah and the Flood as patterns for the destructive end of the present wicked system. It is apparent, then, that those whom God executed in those past judgments experienced irreversible destruction. Of course, each of us can confirm that by his proving faithful to Jehovah now. In that way we will qualify to be alive in the new world to see whom he resurrects and whom he does not. We know that his judgments are perfect. Elihu assured us: “For a fact, God himself does not act wickedly, and the Almighty himself does not pervert judgment.”—Job 34:10, 12.

You Can Live Forever in Paradise 1982 edition The men of Sodom will be resurrected

You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth 1982
The 1982 edition of "You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth" stated the men of Sodom will resurrected, (summary not a quote) the 1989 edition was changed to what you read below.

You Can Live Forever in Paradise 1989 edition The men of Sodom will not be resurrected

You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth 1989
Will such terribly wicked persons be resurrected during Judgment Day? The Scriptures indicate that apparently they will not. For example, one of Jesus’ inspired disciples, Jude, wrote first about the angels that forsook their place in heaven to have relations with the daughters of men. Then he added: “So too Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them, after they in the same manner as the foregoing ones had committed fornication excessively and gone out after flesh for unnatural use, are placed before us as a warning example by undergoing the judicial punishment of everlasting fire.” (Jude 6, 7; Genesis 6:1, 2) Yes, for their excessive immorality the people of Sodom and of the surrounding cities suffered a destruction from which they will apparently never be resurrected.—2 Peter 2:4-6, 9, 10a



Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Jesus is Michael the Archangel, or do they?

Notice the dates on these Watchtower articles. Remember, these teachings are coming from an organization that claims to be God's only sprit directed organization, the only true religion in the world. Two entirely different statements, two weeks apart! Something to think about indeed!

Jesus is an Angel

Watchtower 1991 2/1 p. 17 Honor the Son, Jehovah’s Chief Agent
Jesus Christ further deserves honor because he is Jehovah’s chief angel, or archangel. On what basis do we reach that conclusion? Well, the prefix “arch,” meaning “chief” or “principal,” implies that there is only one archangel. God’s Word speaks of him in reference to the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. We read: “The Lord himself will descend from heaven with a commanding call, with an archangel’s voice and with God’s trumpet, and those who are dead in union with Christ will rise first.

Jesus is not an Angel

Watchtower 1991 2/15 p. 14 A Corresponding Ransom for All
God did not send some angel to rescue mankind. He made the supreme sacrifice of sending his only-begotten Son, “the one he was specially fond of".

Where Should Jehovah's Witnesses Look For Salvation

Again notice the dates, two entirely different statements in the same month. Makes one think doesn't it?


Watchtower 1990 11/1 p. 26 Our Relative Subjection to the Superior Authorities
As Christians, we face up to similar challenges today. We cannot take part in any modern version of idolatry—be it worshipful gestures toward an image or symbol or the imputing of salvation to a person or an organization.


Kingdom Ministry 11/1990 p. 1 Directing Bible Students to Jehovah’s Organization
Bible students need to get acquainted with the organization of the “one flock” Jesus spoke about at John 10:16. They must appreciate that identifying themselves with Jehovah’s organization is essential to their salvation. (Rev. 7:9, 10, 15) Therefore, we should start directing our Bible students to the organization as soon as a Bible study is established.

 These are just a few examples of the changing and conflicting beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses

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