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Testimonies of Former Jehovah's Witnesses

Testimonies of Jehovah's Witnesses who have left the Watchtower organization

What would you do if you woke up one morning and realized that everything you've been taught, everything you've known, everything you've thought was truth was not. As a matter of fact, everything was a lie. And this lie was taught to you by the people you love most in the world, your parents. This has been what has been revealed to me over the last few years of my life.  Read more in Laurie's Story


At Gilead I met many of the inner circle — the “governing body” of JWs — and also the principal translators of the Watchtower Bible. None of these knew Greek or Hebrew! No wonder they opted for anonymity. These “scholars” of the Watchtower knew no more Greek than I did. This made me a bit uneasy. Read more in Don Nelson's testimony


"New light" said, "If you see JWs sinning and do not report them, you are guilty of that sin yourself. A sister in our congregation took blood when she hemorrhaged at childbirth. My options were - report her - and if I didn't, the sin fell on me. Both options bothered me! You see, when you are ignorant of having a relationship with Christ, you follow people blindly, trusting them to be in God's will. Like a good JW, I reported her and she had to appear before a committee of elders. Read more in Jean Eason's Testimony


It happened that I was at a bookstore with my husband, and out of curiosity I picked up a book called Kingdom of the Cults. I looked on the list of major cults, and there was Jehovah Witnesses. I went to the chapter and started reading. It turned out that the founder of the organization was indeed no anointed saint, and therefore the religion is found on one fraudulent man, and his theories, and his beliefs had no basis. Certainly no messenger of God. Read more in Kim's Story


Because there was so little time left many young teenagers began to get married quite young. It is traditional and typical for a Jehovah's Witness to marry young. Since one is not allowed to date unless you intend to be married, anyone who dates is expected that they get married. However, since Armageddon was so close, it just seemed like there was a frenzy of young teens getting married. Read more in Cynthia's testimony

If you are a former Jehovah's Witness and would like for us to consider your testimony for posting on this web site please email us a copy.

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