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James Caputo

The Judicial Committee Meetings  of  James Caputo

The reason for publishing my judicial committee meetings is not to establish my innocence or to expose another person's culpability. It is, however, to reveal how a mechanistic and unquestioning mode of thinking can greatly impair one's ability to exercise justice - causing one to resort to dishonest and irrational argumentation.

 I do not question the general character of the elders who judged my case. I might have displayed a similar lack of charity seven years ago. I'm quite sure that these same men in any other circumstance would be perfectly lucid in their reasoning and equitable in their dealings. Having been raised as a Jehovah's Witness I understand why they made the decision they did. I therefore harbor no rancor for them personally. 

 I am quite certain, however, that no impartial  jury in the free world would ever sustain the verdict of this body of men and that of the appeal  committee. After considering the contents of this case, I believe it will be obvious to the discerning reader why such trials are held behind closed doors.

  This particular trial reveals how even in the face of devastating evidence, Jehovah's Witnesses are loyal to their fundamental teaching that the Watchtower acts as a unique channel of communication between God and mankind. It also sheds a glaring light on the religious intolerance and ecclesiastical tyranny that result from such a false concept.

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